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Color is Alive - Oak Gall


This piece is a 1/5 artwork made with natural ink and part of the artist's project Color is Alive, a reflection on colors as living matter.
This deep black hue is obtained following one of the most ancient techniques to make black, by using oak galls foraged in The Netherlands and UK by the artist.

Technique: screenprint
Size: 76 x 100 cm
Materials: Laurier paper. Handmade Oak (Quercus) gall ink.

The artwork is sold without a frame. If you are interested in buying the artwork with a frame please get in contact by email to know the possibilities.

Caring instructions:
Natural inks are different from modern synthetic inks and dyes. Because these colors are alive, they require some care to maintain their beauty & color fastness.

• Protect your artwork by using a frame with a protective glass layer

• When choosing where to display the artwork, find a location away from direct sunlight, as this may fade colors

  • Image of Color is Alive - Oak Gall
  • Image of Color is Alive - Oak Gall
  • Image of Color is Alive - Oak Gall