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Natural ink-making kit


A small starter kit for you to safely experiment with making color from nature. Each kit is sewn and printed by the artist herself on hand-pressed paper containing EU flowers petals.

This kit is toxic-free and child-friendly, although it is recommended to not use the same kitchen utensils used for cooking. Store it separately from other edible ingredients.

You can combine different colors and use them for watercolor, drawing or
painting experiments.

Choose between:
- Bee's Pollen
- Marigolds
- Lavender
- Rose petals

This work is part of the project "Color is Alive” by Greta D. Facchinato. In 2021, she started to research how to extract color from nature in order to realize ink. The world of natural color is endless and attached to antique traditions and knowledge which have been substituted by the advance in synthetic colors. Learning what to forage from our landscape in order to make color from it teaches us to slow down and reconnect with our land. Through this body of work, the artist invites us to look at colors as a series of living bodies, not meant to be here forever. Her reflection aims to challenge the idea of art conservation and the concept of artwork as an eternal one.

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  • Image of Natural ink-making kit
  • Image of Natural ink-making kit
  • Image of Natural ink-making kit