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Foraging Color at Wildgroei Delft

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Learn how to recognize and spot plant material that can be foraged during the Autumn season

Date: Sunday, November 27, 2022
Location: Wildgroei Delft
Duration: Two to two and a half hours
Price: €35,-

N.B. To participate in this workshop you have to make your reservation and payment with Wildgroei. You can buy your ticket via this link:

During this workshop, Greta D. Facchinato provides guidance on how to forage plant material in relation to different outdoor spaces and how to extract color, in order to make sustainable ink suitable for printing or drawing. Her intention is - through walking and interconnecting with our landscape - to stimulate a shifting of awareness in order to create a connection with the surroundings and re-learn our relationship with colors through nature. By becoming aware of the seasonal changes and learning to work with them, with patience and awareness, natural living matter can allow us to create sustainable inks. It means rediscovering partly forgotten gestures and recipes, respecting our territories and heritages and those of other cultures. It is a practice that, starting from collecting and foraging, expands time and allows us to get to know our landscape with new eyes.

What to expect?
- An immersive foraging walk in nature
- The chance to learn new information about local plants
- Practical information on how to later use and store the foraged plants
- Warm and comforting beverages

  • Image of Foraging Color at Wildgroei Delft
  • Image of Foraging Color at Wildgroei Delft